Colour Matching

To get started on achieving your hair goals, simply send your pictures to Our team of experts will assess your hair and create an image of what Extensionaire can do for you. We will provide advice on the best method for your hair, together with care instructions.

If you have any inspirational pictures of your desired result, feel free to include them in your email. We are committed to helping you achieve the perfect look with our high-quality hair extensions.

Photo Do’s

  • To ensure accurate shade matching, we recommend taking photos in natural light without the use of a filter or flash.
  • It is best to take your photos outside in natural lighting, avoiding direct sunlight.
  • Please ensure that your hair is visible from root to tip and take multiple photos from different angles.

What Not To Do

  • When taking photos for shade matching, it is recommended to avoid taking them in bright or direct sunlight, and not use a flash.
  • Additionally, avoid putting your hair up in a bun or ponytail as this can hide the full length of your hair.
  • Lastly, try not to take a super close-up selfie and instead take a photo that shows all of your hair from root to tip.

To help us understand your desired look, feel free to attach inspirational photos in your email along with a short description.

  • The purpose or context for which you intend to use the hair extensions, and how long you plan to use them.
  • Your hair type, such as texture, thickness, and length.
  • Whether you are seeking to add thickness or length to your hair.
  • Your expectations from the hair extensions, such as the desired look, style, and texture.

Providing us with this information enables us to provide you with a personalized recommendation for the ideal hair extension method, quantity, and quality, in addition to matching you with the perfect color. This ensures that you achieve the desired result and that your hair extensions are comfortable, long-lasting, and natural-looking.